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Wosing Company Model Nomination

Each one strip of our company marks a model number. Here is an example:



1)HS: Guangzhou Wosing Opto Technology Co.,Ltd

2)it means this led strip is used for 32inch TV. It could be 42D/47D/49D/50D etc. 42D =42 inch TV, 47D=47 inch TV, 49D= 49 inch TV …

3)lens type:①round dome=300=350, ②square lens=200

4)voltage of each LED lamp. Usually it is 3V/6V/9V. For most of the item is 3V or 6V.

5)power of each LED lamp. Usually it is 1W/2W each lamp.

6)XCYB=circuit of the PCB. (X*Y= numbers of LED lamps per piece)

XC: X= Arabic number 1 to 9; C= how many lamps in series.

YB:Y= Arabic number 1 to 9; B= how many lamps in parallel.

7) PCB length.

8) PCB wide.

9) Model code of the led strip.


Post time: Jan-03-2020
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